Worth knowing about hunting

Before the hunting trip

It is important to be prepared in plenty of time and to decide what to hunt before ordering your trip. A trip like this requires a fair amount of paperwork. If you wish to bring your own weapon you have to be aware of the fact that it might take as much as 4 weeks to arrange the authorization. Lotsane Safaris will arrange the relevant weapon licenses; however, we need to be notified in advance.

It is also possible to rent rifles at Lotsane Safari. Currently Lotsane own 2 rifles; a 300 and a 375 magnum with Zeiss optics.

Contact us and together we will devise the perfect hunting and safari cocktail.

The hunt itself

Certain species are harder to track. These animals demand a minimum of 3 days hunting:





Reedbuck (Common and Mountain)

Sable Antelope


If you want measurement, certificate and medals, you have to be aware of additional costs:

Gold: $ 115

Silver: $ 80

Bronze: $ 60

The abovementioned prizes include certificate and medal.