Vaccines and visa


It is a good idea to contact your own GP before travelling in order to have the necessary vaccinations carried out. If you happen to visit other parts of Africa it is advisable to obtain information about the conditions in the relevant country. Find further information at the “Statens Serum Institut” who prevents and control infectious diseases.

Lotsane Safaris is not a Malaria area.


As Lotsane is located close to the South African border it is a good idea to bring both Rand (South African currency) and Pula (Botswana currency). It is, however, possible to exchange money at Lotsane lodge as well as at the surrounding towns. Furthermore, it is possible to withdraw cash at most petrol stations. In case you have spare change at the end of your trip we are more than happy to purchase them.


No visa is required for Botswana or South Africa unless your stay exceeds more than 3 moths. Lotsane Safari hereby advises you to look into visa conditions before leaving as the conditions vary according to the native country of the visitor.

If you travel through South Africa from former eastern Countries you need a Visa to enter South Africa. (Russia, Baltic countries).